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The concept of a “standard fee” does not exist. Clients and attorneys have the flexibility to negotiate fee agreements, although there are legal limitations in some cases. The fees are determined by various factors, such as the attorney’s expertise, the nature of the legal issue, and the prevailing rates in the local legal community for similar services rendered. Opting for the cheapest lawyer may not be advantageous, particularly when dealing with complex or specialized problems. It is recommended that an experienced attorney in the relevant field of law be sought.

In certain specific circumstances, clients may require additional services not covered by our standard service-based fees, as outlined in the chart above. These additional services can include revisiting past criminal records or tax problems, addressing complications arising from third-party inefficiencies, delays, or mistakes, dealing with incomplete documentation, submitting additional applications, making continuance requests, attending court appearances, and more. Please note that these additional services may incur separate charges, which will be discussed and agreed upon with the client on a case-by-case basis.