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Consular Process

Information of the Consular Process

Consular Process (CP) is a procedure that is available to all intending immigrants, no matter where they are located. Through this procedure the application is made with the intending immigrant’s “home” consular district. An applicants home district is usually is the place where the applicant last lived for at least six months before coming to the U.S. and where the applicant has the unrestricted right to return and remain for at least six months. The consular processing takes about one week overseas. Applicants should plan on waiting three to five days for the results of their medical exams to be returned, and another morning for the actual visa processing. The authority of consular officers does not include the wide grant of discretion given to CIS officers considering adjustment of status applications.

The advantage of Consular Process?

  • The Consul applies different laws and there is no problem with unauthorized employment when you obtain your visa through consular processing.
  • If you do not have AIDS or tuberculosis, if you are not a user or abuser of narcotics, or a prostitute or a communist, if you are not a smuggler or a terrorist, and if you have all the right papers then you will obtain the visa.
  • Immigrant visa processing at a U.S. consulate may save 3 to 18 months depending upon the U.S. consulate and the INS office that would have jurisdiction over the adjustment of status application.

The disadvantages and potential problems to Consular Processing

  • There is no appeals process if your case is denied by a consular officer.
  • Leaving the U.S. for consular processing could trigger the Three and Ten Years Bars to Re-entering the U.S.

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