On last Sunday morning, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers reportedly arrested rapper 21 Savage in Atlanta, Georgia. Spokesperson Bryan Cox of ICE claims that 21 Savage is illegally in the country.

The real name of the rapper is Shayaabin Abraham-Joseph and he is apparently a United Kingdom citizen. In July 2005, Abraham-Joseph was a minor when he allegedly came into the United States legally. However, his nonimmigrant visa required him to leave the country by July 2006 because that was when his visa expired. He supposedly failed to do that.

Abraham-Joseph is currently under the custody of ICE. Federal immigration court is expected to hold removal proceedings regarding the case. If a federal immigration judge determines that Abraham-Joseph needs to be deported, then he may be on a flight back to the United Kingdom very soon.

As for now, attorneys and representatives of Abraham-Joseph are trying to get him released from the detention facility that he is currently being held at in Georgia. They believe there is no reason for him to be in detention while his case is under review. He is deemed an asset to local communities in Atlanta and the rest of the country for helping impoverished young people become more financially literate.

On the other hand, Abraham-Joseph does have a prior felony drug conviction from Fulton County, Georgia which dates back to October 2014. There was a sting operation which led to his arrest. He has since been clean of any other convictions or charges until now. There are no violent crimes on his record.

Under his professional name 21 Savage, Abraham-Joseph provided guest verses for the Post Malone single “Rockstar.” The Grammy Awards nominated this song twice for the categories of Best Rap Performance and Record of the Year.

Fans and other fellow artists of 21 Savage were quite surprised to learn that he was born in the United Kingdom. Most people know 21 Savage as an Atlanta rapper and musician. The “21” refers to a street gang that is based in the Georgia city of Decatur.

In 2017, 21 Savage made his studio album debut with the release of “Issa Album.” The album contained the hit single “Bank Account.”

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